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HGF is a secular, social, apolitical, non-profit and a non government organization. Established in the year 2009 by a group of professionals, HGF is working for the upliftment of socially and economically down trodden sections of society. Reg  No: 1146691in England and Wales as well as CAC/IT/NO 49903 in NIGERIA.

a)      The trustees decided to focus on people under 30 years because this is the vulnerable group in Nigeria with highest rates of school drop outs and unemployment.

Youths between 17-30 years of age are meant to be found in the tertiary Institutions but due to strict and inconsistent school admission criteria are not but roam aimlessly in the villages and urban areas of the state causing havoc e.g. rampant and incessant kidnappings taking place in Abia State. This age group are still under the care of their parents/guardians even though the age of consent has been reduced to 13 to placate the Muslim North who contract early marriages.

  b)     This group are the most vulnerable with highest unemployment and dropout rate but still trainable if the resources are available.


  2)       a)      The civil war in Nigeria between 1967-1970, Government neglect and the demise of Nigerian Railway Corporation, the only source of employment for the working class aged 15-60 years made this particular area the poorest in Eastern Nigeria.

There is the charitable need to educate the youths, provide health care for the elderly, offer skills acquisition and micro credits.


b)     The trustees just registered  Harrison Goodness Foundation as a not for profit Organization in Nigeria and will have staff/volunteers and offices to carry out needs assessments, beneficiary identification, fund raising, and financing in collaboration with trustees and other partners of the foundation. Anyone who resides and integrates with the people’s culture and communal life irrespective of race, creed or religion qualifies as an indigene of Isukuwuato, subject to availability of funds/resources same will be expanded to other smaller communities in the world.

c)      Malaria, Arthritis, Waterborne diseases, diabetes and High blood pressure plus age related ailments are prevalent in the Area.



a)      35 YEARS OF SERVICE OR 60 YEARS OF AGE whichever comes first are the criteria for Retirement in Nigeria. Baring circumstances that bring about early retirement. The trustees decided to focus on peoples’ under 60 who are still active but unemployed with little or no pension or trade or any means of livelihood. The foundation hopes to make them active and educate them to fend for themselves to prepare them for retirement.


b)     The devastation of the civil war and neglect by Government Impoverished the Area, hence need for charity. There is no restriction as all who reside in these areas irrespective of race, creed or religion qualify as beneficiaries as long as they fall in the target category.


c)      The Primary Target is Poverty Alleviation through education, skills acquisition, healthcare, sports and industry which culminate in spending money in the form of grants or other finance to individuals or organizations. The Foundation is only building on the work already started by the Founder in his Local Government Area with a population of over two million people. It is easy to decide who benefits in any of the programmes people in this part of Nigeria live a communal life, structured in various age grades(People born between 1959-1964 belong to same age grade) which are also structured with community unions (Male and Female) with leaders elected in rotation with Authority to take care of members welfare, benefits and discipline and reporting to the Traditional Ruler of each Autonomous Community. Every family unit, Age Grade or Community union is easily identified with volunteers / staff of the Foundation collaborating with trustees and other partners makes assessment and identifying beneficiaries possible.


d)     The micro finance will commence only when would be beneficiaries have been trained to participate in any business combination by way of start up capital or revolving credit at little or no interest rate at a minimum charge with full repayment. The Founder Mr Richard C Harrison has over 32 years banking experience and is collaborating with Trustees and volunteers to put in structures in place to ensure accurate needs assessment, capital /credit requirements, disbursements, monitoring and evaluation and repayment. Seminars and awareness campaigns’ on how to start and run small business as empowerment tool would also be undertaken.



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